The day that the people of this great nation cannot peaceably assemble and address their government with a list of grievances without fear of reprisal, when workers cannot organize for their fair share of the profits without the threat of termination, is the day that free-speech dies in this country.

This past Tuesday we witnessed hundreds of our comrades assaulted, detained and violently dispersed for exercising their rights. Though the media would isolate a few violent perpetrators who only find courage in a crowd, the majority were the remnants of a once mighty middle-class. Men and women who served their country, paid their taxes and voted, only to be betrayed by those who allegedly represent their interests.

In the wake of the greatest financial collapse the world has ever known, we the people are again asked to shoulder the burden of austerity. Whilst many of us feel a sense of pride in tightening our belts and picking ourselves up by the bootstraps, we must ask ourselves: “Who is reaping the benefits of our labor?” As the wealth in this country slowly accumulates to the top 1% of the population, the rest of us are constantly reminded that we are too lazy, too unorganized and too dumb to deserve our share in the riches we helped create.

We are made to feel shame when we admit we need help and we are made to feel guilty when we ask for a better deal. While the 1% enjoy their tax-payer funded bonuses and borrow our tax dollars at near 0% interest, we are being evicted from our homes because we can’t negotiate a refinance. As CEOs revel in their absurd salaries and tout their business acumen on the cover of magazines, the average worker is being forced to accept lower wages, a higher workload, and diminishing health benefits in order to compete with foreign slave labor. As trillions of our tax dollars are being misappropriated on wars of aggression, we are told to accept the fact that children in this country will go to sleep hungry.

This Saturday, May 5th, at 11:00am in Front of City Hall, let us demonstrate to the 1% that we do not need their broken system. We do not need their false promises and we do not need to play their game. Let us exhibit that it is they who need us. Let us proclaim ourselves a sovereign people, free to manage our own means of production. Let us take to the streets and declare this entire country a free speech zone.

If we stay on the path of peace and non-violence we shall not fear the laws of banksters and tyrants.

Combat the tyranny of taxation without representation.

Break up banks, not families.

Ceasefire now.


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