Reestablishing Justice and Creating a First Rate Mental Health System

Over-protection and over-specialization are primary reasons this nation has continued down the wrong path.  Nowhere is this more evident than the linked justice and mental health systems.  Yet prevention of and recovery from mental illness are obtainable within the current generation.  But to make this a reality, a fundamental shift away from an over-dependence on drugs will need to take place; along with the introduction of a number of little known therapies which are currently benefiting only a fortunate few.  There are many needed changes to law that are needed as well.  Reestablishing justice final (b2)

Among the needed changes in the mental health system are:
1: Implementing the 10 Fundamental Components of Recovery (Self-Direction, Individualized and Person-Centered, Empowerment, Holistic, Non-Linear, Strengths-Based, Peer Support, Respect, Responsibility, Hope).
2: Adopting The Koran Algorithm for screening

“As a cost-effective measure to reduce these diagnostic errors, Koran and his associates developed an algorithm—a step-by-step procedure—to efficiently narrow down the likelihood of medical disease in psychiatric patients.”More than twenty years after its development, it is still little used- or known. “…the lag between discovering effective forms of treatments and incorporating them into routine care is unnecessarily long, lasting about 15 to 20 years”Apparently it is more convenient, or profitable, just to drug people without adequately screening them.

3: Have Trauma Treatment and Relearning Stress Responses become Priorities, particularly in Child Services

“Trauma can occur from a variety of causes, including maltreatment, separation, abuse, criminal victimization, physical and sexual abuse, natural and manmade disasters, war, and sickness. Although some individuals who experience trauma move on with few symptoms, many, especially those who experience repeated or multiple traumas, suffer a variety of negative physical and psychological effects. Trauma exposure has been linked to later substance abuse, mental illness, increased risk of suicide, obesity, heart disease, and early death.

4: Educating the workforce – Making Information about Recovery and NON-DRUG therapies available

“A patient who is given one therapy as his only option can lose all hope if it fails. Many psychiatric patients live lives of quiet desperation, suffering side effects from meds they dislike but feeling they have no other choice.”

5: Eliminating bureaucratic boundaries including:

A. Changing the Mission Statement of MHDS to: To Optimize the Ability of Individuals to Lead a Full and Satisfying Life

B. Reforming HIPAA regulations

C. Blocking the implementation of the DSM-V while replacing it with a standard more in line with the findings of the National Institute of Mental Health

Recovery is achieving harmony with yourself. Dis-ease is just another way of saying a person has gotten out of harmony with him or her self. Trauma, stress, poor coping skills and lack of adequate information can all contribute to poor recovery. Physician heal yourself is true. Many answers can be found by looking inside with an open mind and heart. While the journey may be long and difficult, an oasis can be found beyond desperation.

The U.S. courts have imposed a feudal system upon the people. Combined with with REHBERG v. PAULK No. 10–788. Argued November 1, 2011—Decided April 2, 2012, as well as Imbler v Pachtman, 424 U.S. 409, 1976 the U.S. Supreme Court appears to advance the argument that the citizenry has either has no choice but to accept the feudal nature of prosecutions in state government, including malicious prosecutions  – resulting in loss or potential loss of liberty due  public defenders allegiance to the prosecutor rather than accused or the truth. Contrast these with CHISHOLM v. STATE OF GA., 2 U.S. 419 (1793) 2 U.S. 419 (Dall.) where acknowledgement of exceptions to the sovereignty of the State, which otherwise prevent it from being sued, exist: “The love of morality would lead us to with that some check should be found; if the evil, which flows from it, be not too great for the good contemplated. The common law has established a principle, that no prohibitory act shall be without its vindictive quality; or, in other words, that the infraction of a prohibitory law, although an express penalty be omitted, is still punishable. Government itself would be useless, if a pleasure to obey or transgress with impunity should be substituted in the place of a fanction to its laws.” Government has become useless – and needs major changes.

For complete PDF file – Reestablishing justice final (b2)


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