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The Occupy Reno Candidate Survey is Now Live!

We have emailed all the candidates on the ballot in the Reno/Sparks area with a series of questions. Occupy Reno, representing the broader 99%, would like to know their views on a number of issues that concern us.  Our goal is to learn for ourselves and to help educate our fellow citizens about the views of candidates on issues that we believe affect all of us!

It is the general position of Occupiers that every citizen should be aware of critical issues of the day. Citizens, and certainly public officials, should be willing and able to express their opinions in a free and open manner without fear of reprisal. This is a fundamental Constitutional right that every American should exercise in order to protect.

So we hope that you will review their answers to our questions as a means of better understanding the candidates’ viewpoints on some of the big issues affecting our community. We will update the web page as we receive new responses.

Click here to view the Occupy Reno questionnaire and candidate answers. 

We thank all the candidates for responding to our questionnaire, for their service to the community and for their willingness to be a public servant especially in these challenging times!

JOIN US IN ASKING THE QUESTIONS THAT MATTER! If you have your own questions that you would like the Reno General Assembly to consider for a follow-up survey, please email your suggestions to info@occupyreno.org.


Donation Request for The People’s Dinner:
A Call for Assistance

The Peoples Dinner has been going strong for 7 months now. Serving approximately 300 people each Saturday at 5pm, the need for cooking and serving supplies grows with every passing week. We humbly request that you glance around your home and search for items that will help us carry out this enormous task.

Supplies We Need:

  • 2 beverage Igloos (5 gal) with spigot
  • cooler
  • 5-10 aluminum food trays
  • Heavy-duty cooking utensils
  • Large standalone canopy for serving station
  • Small-medium sized freezer for storing meat
  • Any disposable cups, plates, or utensils you can spare!

If you would like to donate supplies to this effort, please contact info@occupyreno.org and we will be in touch with you soon. Thank you!



Dont miss The Real News, Occupy Reno’s video series covering the topics that shape our world. Watch the latest video about the Keystone XL Pipeline, and check our calendar for taping times. You are encouraged to join us in the newsroom and discuss the issues that matter to you.


The Occupy Reno Master Charter

The Occupy Reno Master Charter is now available online. To view the document, click here or find the Master Charter button on the right side bar of this website.


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If you can’t join us in person but would like to support our efforts, your contributions would be greatly appreciated and carefully utilized. Donate to the OR General Fund


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