Change the Conversation: How to Get Involved

Do you want to change the conversation in The Biggest Little City? Here’s an excellent place to start:

Meet Your Neighbors

Have you talked to your neighbors lately? A big part of changing a broken system is building relationships within your community and bringing awareness to the economic, political, and social issues that impact our world. Take some time start a dialogue with your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Speak Up; Be Heard: Come To Our General Assemblies and Action Meetings

Join the General Assembly, our weekly facilitated forum for free speech, announcements, and community decision-making. Where everyone comes together to discuss our project needs and updates.

More interested in planning direct actions and outreach tactics? Come to our weekly Action meetings. See calendar for times and locations.

Know Your Rights!

We have assembled several English and Spanish guides from the ACLU including Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and ProtestsYour Rights and the Police, and a convenient pocket card. Don’t forget to watch the video of National Lawyers Guild lawyer, Jerry Boyle, giving a workshop to Occupy Chicago on how to ‘disarm’ a police officer. Visit the Occupy Reno Legal Resources page!

 Start A Committee or Working Group

Organize, reach out to the community, and use your skills any way you can. If you would like to start your own committee or project, let us know what you need.

Join a Committee or Working Group

A lot of work needs to be done. To join a committee or working group, search the OR calendar to find out when we’re meeting, and/or contact Occupy Reno directly at info[at]

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It only takes a handful of passionate people to change the conversation in the Biggest Little City. Let’s work together.

Educate! Organize! Unite!